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I believe we all have callings, or dharmas, throughout this life.


My calling is

to serve you.

Every ah-ha moment, breakthrough, and success I have the pleasure of seeing in my clients brings me a little closer to my purpose. I am deeply grateful to have found this work, not only because I get to help others, but because of how much it changed my life. 


Like many of you, I’ve battled depression and anxiety. Growing up, my parents slept on the floor because they couldn’t afford a bed (you can probably guess that my relationship with money and the concept of wealth was a giant scary mess). I’ve been unhealthy and nearly 100 lbs overweight. I’ve been stuck in a dead-end job and cried myself to sleep under the covers because I was miserable. I made decisions based on fear, anger, and doubt because that’s all I knew. I know what it’s like to mourn a loved one and get lost in the grief. I’ve given up on a dream because I didn’t believe in myself. I’ve failed and fallen face-first in front of VPs of the corporate world.


And I'm still standing, damn it. 

I share all this with you because these experiences have made me who I am and have created a bedrock of personal and professional knowledge to support my clients and make me better at my job.

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Here's why I might be the right coach for you:

I am CPCC certified through the most reputable and tenured institution in the coaching game:

The Co-Active Training Institute.

I am ACC accredited through the International Coaching Federation

I am a certified personal trainer (ACE).

I am certified Behavior Change Specialist (ACE).

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From Chief of Staff to educator, I have a variety of industry experience in tech, public policy (and a Masters of Public Policy), public sector, higher education, and music & arts.

I work with clients across the globe, from Silicon Valley leaders to recent college grads.

I tailor all of my plans specifically to my clients, so we can get shit done. 

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