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You have 2 kinds of coaching available:

Life Coaching and Health Coaching. While all plans are tailored to the client, I do ask for a minimum commitment of one month.

It takes 30 days to create a habit!


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The yield of life coaching is the ability to make decisions from your most authentic self, guided by your own north star (not any of that other BS). Some clients apply that to their careers, others to their relationships, and some to develop more confidence and authority within.


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As a certified personal trainer and behavior change specialist, I work with clients to create healthier habits and relationships with their body and mind.. 

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I love speaking! I welcome the opportunity to meet you and speak at your event or on your panel.

For information on availability, please email me

Here’s what you’ll get:

What you 

can expect:

My areas 

of expertise:

+ 1 hour biweekly 1:1 sessions

+ Exercises rooted in

visualization, deep inquiry, analysis, psychology, and intuition. 

+ Unlimited access to me via email and text

+ Homework and experiments (the real coaching happens in between the sessions!)

+ Weekly accountability check-ins

+ 30 min weekly 1:1 sessions 


+ Weekly personalized workout plans based on the 5 pillars of wellbeing: strength training, cardio, meditation, yoga, and nutrition

+Journal prompts and homework to get you closer to your wellness goals


+ Unlimited access to me via email and text


+ Weekly accountability check-ins

+ taking control of your inner dialogue


+ getting clarity on purpose and identity

+ self-management and emotional resilience

+ building and maintaining healthy habits


+ time management and organization


+ coaching young women  

A few words from others...


I started career coaching sessions with Marnie when I started a new job since I had transitioned from a stressful role and wanted to ensure that I was mentally prepared to take thoughtful future steps. While I was apprehensive about career coaching at first, I have been marveled by the conversations that Marnie and I have had during our few months of coaching. She is incredibly talented, compassionate and truly cares about what her clients are trying to work through. She makes me question my own reasoning which has led me to emotional revelations. Her uplifting and positive personality makes it easy to open up and wonderful to work with. I would recommend her to anyone looking for an intuitive and deeply passionate coach


Marnie is very intuitive, a terrific listener, and an excellent professional coach. In terms of coaching style, she is highly adaptable, an exceptional thought partner, and strategic. I was grateful for Marnie’s ability to assess and offer a view of my situation quickly. She was extremely helpful in thinking through how to prioritize my workload, improving my relationship with my manager, and digesting critical feedback.

She sees your skills and helps you to build a plan for how to turn around a difficult situation. I’m appreciative to have worked with her during a challenging period professionally and strongly recommend her services to anyone who is looking to make the most out of their professional career.


I've been working with Marnie for about a year and it's been an absolute delight! After shifting gears completely in my work, I reached out to Marnie to seek her perspective of how to approach my career path. In each of our meetings she has always given me fresh ideas, sage advice, and action items. She listens and has an incredible way of distilling my thoughts and ramblings into clear, concise summations with a lens of mindfulness, empathy, and authenticity.


Speaking with her has truly been helpful in shaping how I reflect upon my work as well as my mobility, guided by my values. It's been an amazing experience working with her and I'm so glad that she is a resource to not just me, but anyone who is interested in seeking guidance on how to navigate

their pathways.


Marnie is an empathetic listener. She hears what you’re saying AND what you’re not saying. She challenges my perspective so I can see the situation from a different angle and make new choices. She empowers me to be myself and be honest about what fulfillment means to me, and helps me build concrete steps to get there.

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